About IF.G

The InventFuture.Global mission is to support and enable students to develop and improve their problem-solving skills and their confidence in themselves, so that they will be able to handle and overcome the many problems and issues that they will face in their adult lives and careers.

An IF.G Innovation COLLABORATION Across Every Border

An IF.G Student INNOVATOR in Every Home


Global Innovation Field Trip will soon be held in July 2023

GIC 2023

Worldwide top student innovators present their ideas and solutions to a global audience in October 2023

ICIA 2023

Amazing celebration event of UN World Creative and Innovation Day will be held in May 2023

National Homeschool Day

The Philippine’s 7th National Homeschool Day celebrated on March 3, 2023

Collaboration Memories

Members in IF.G community collaborate together to make each others innovation education programs and events even more successful.

Global Innovation Challenge 2022

Water Challenge 2021


Get Connected and Inspire Future Problem Solvers

We believe in capturing timeless moments at your special occasions with loved ones. When you look back and see the photographs, you get a chance to rexperience people’s smile, warmth, and laughter.

Inspire Innovation and Get Connected through IF.G

We share resources and support each other who are connected with IF.G

Support Each Other

Everyone in IF.G family has the opportunity to offer support to the events, such as help with the event promotion, be invited as judges, speakers and facilitators in worldwide IF.G supported events.

Supportive IF.G Community

As long as you share the same mission and vision as IF.G, IF.G will cheer for you, promote your program in all possible ways, help to invite experts, specialist, students, teachers or schools when you need. Any support you need, IF.G family is here for you.