Yi Wu and His Invention – BB Cup

Inventor : David (Yi Wu)Country: ChinaGrade: 3

BB CUP is an invention that is helpful to people’s oral health.

  1. To clean the toothbrush easily.
  2. To place the toothbrush easily.
  3. To avoid stain and bacteria from the water remaining in the cup.

Using my BB CUP, you can have a clean toothbrush, a clean cup, a clean Tooth.

I noticed that after my sister brushed her teeth, there would always be toothpaste or other residues on the toothbrush.This creates bad bacteria on the toothbrush and we put it back in our mouths.  Also there’s stains on the bottom of the cup due to water residual after it not drying properly.

I did  a survey and received feedback from 778 people. The data showed more than 80% people noticed this problem.

That is unhealthy and neglected by most people and that is exactly the problem I am trying to solve with my invention.

1.Rub the toothbrush against the saw tooth back and forth to clean the residue in the toothbrush and rinse the toothbrush. 

2. Invert the cup, it will stand on the 3 support points to drain off the water inside.3. Put the toothbrush into the hollow cup handle.

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