Towel Wringer

Inventor : RunxinCountry: ChinaGrade: 2

This is a towel wringer. Put the towel in the bag, pull the zipper, open the switch, and the towel will start to screw. It is suitable for people with low hand strength or injuries.

I have no enough hand strength.So my towel is always dripping, the bathroom floor is wet, my mother has to wring the towel once again, and dry the floor.Sometimes the towel has become slippery, breeding bacteria.

  • In order to save effort, use electric drive motor.
  • CAD drawing, then laser engraving with acrylic sheet, bonded into a wringer box.
  • Put the towel into the bag ,to solve the problem of fixing the towel.It is suitable for wringing towels of different lengths.
  • Waste water recycling.

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