Jialian and Her Invention – Shoelace Partner

Inventor : JialianCountry: ChinaGrade: 5

I want to design a small invention to help people tie their shoes. Through this invention, shoelaces can be fixed without the traditional way, making it more convenient, simple, quick and interesting to tie shoelaces.

I want to solve these problems

  • Helping someone who can’t tie a bow and has stiff fingers to tie their shoes.
  • Easier and faster lacing.
  • Decorate the shoes.

My invention does not need to replace the original shoelaces, which will not cause waste. It can be used on all shoes with shoelaces, small and light, and can be used all the time with only one installation. It can also be easily removed and reused in other shoes. It is functional, practical, decorative and environmental protection etc.

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