Ariana and the Invention – Dampening, Quantifying, and Recording Tremor

Inventor: ArianaCountry: USGrade: 7

The first problem this invention intends to solve is that many people, especially among the elderly, suffer from tremor, which affects their handwriting. This includes patients with Parkinson’s disease and benign essential tremor. The second problem that this invention solves is that there is currently no method for doctors to reliably quantify tremor, in order to diagnose a patient and monitor their progress.

This project is comprised of two parts. The first part is to create a device to dampen clinical tremor, in order to improve handwriting. The second part is a method to reliably quantify a patient’s tremor while wearing the glove, and without its aid. This method could help doctors quickly and reliably quantify patients’ tremor and guide pharmacological treatment. A doctor practicing telemedicine could use this method to monitor the tremor of patients with restricted mobility.

A glove with weights attached to the back of the hand was created in order to improve the handwriting of patients with tremor. The glove’s current prototype does not yet make a significant difference in the patients’ tremor score. However, the python and bash scripts were able to accurately quantify the patients’ tremor, and showed a clear difference between the scores for patients with and without tremor.

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