IF.G Innovator – Robert Zicman

Invention – Camping Table for Soil and Sand

It is an outdoor table that allows you to insert it in the soil and make it more stable. This way, it doesn’t fall when it’s windy, when it’s uneven soil or when it’s being pushed. The end bit of the leg has a pointy bit goes inserted into the soil more or less, depending on the soil, making the table stable and horizontal.

It makes the outdoor table and chairs stable and horizontal, allowing the food and drinks not to fall anymore. They can be used at parties where people dance and might push them, in campings where it can be windy and uneven soil and it is really useful when little children push it (like my little sister).

It makes the table and chairs stay horizontal and not allow food and drinks to fall and make a mess. It can be used for any outdoor activity.

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