Stud Clicks

Inventor: SamiCountry: UKGrade: 4

A detachable studded sole which clicks on and off easily so you can wear it as either a football boot or a normal boot for wearing on other hard surfaces.

Football boot studs do not wear out quickly as you can wear the boots on different surfaces by easily clicking the sole on and off. Children in particular do not like changing their boots to play football and so will wear them on hard surfaces which wear out the plastic studs very quickly. This invention solves that problem by saving time and also money as it is a 2 in 1 boot.

The detachable soles solve this problem by making it much easier to wear the right boots on different surfaces, you do not need to buy removable studs which you have to individually screw off instead just click the whole sole on and off with the studs attached. It is also much easier to clean the football studs after playing football.

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