The Rationale and Reality


The Next Step

The NEED for InventFuture.Global (IFG)

Running a traditional Invention Convention where all the students get together in one place at the same time is an exciting event and one that many people have organized over the past 35 years. At events like that, students have a fun experience interacting with other students and seeing what they have created. Running such regional or national events has great value. However, once you try to run an international event, some major problems occur such as the high costs of transportation and accommodations, the number of days required to travel internationally including adjusting for any time zone differences, and the problems of arranging for adult chaperones to leave work to accompany students on long trips. In addition, the issuance of passports and visas can create time delays and other headaches.

Having students travel internationally in order to experience the interactions of an in-person event is a great idea, but it is often very difficult, if not impossible, for many students and their families. IFG will change that reality and make participation in international Invention Education events possible for every student in every country. Using the latest online video conferencing equipment and technology, the IFG program will eliminate the international travel negatives, while maintaining most of the value of the event positives. With IFG, Invention Education will truly be a global educational experience.

The VALUE of IFG to your program

IFG is a support and enhancement to local and national Invention Education events. The Invention Education organizations in each country would continue to run their invention program according to their own design but then, through their contacts within IFG, they can invite international participation in their local or national event, thus elevating their event by enhancing the overall levels of education, excitement, and media attention. Their Invention Education event would no longer just have students from one country, but will attract participants from other countries, as well. Thus, IFG transforms an exciting national event into an even more exciting international event. In addition, international students will experience the Invention Education event in another country and culture. Your students could participate in the events in other countries and their students could participate in yours. All of these incredible interactions will be done interactively in real-time, via 21st Century online video communications.

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