The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4 is a Quality Education for all.

Working in mixed international teams, you will research, investigate, discuss, and share experiences, then come up with your own ingenious ideas for making schooling and learning more fun and effective. The future belongs to you and here’s your chance to design the one you want! What would you like to change, adapt or add to the learning of today to make you and other learners from across the world more future-ready?

Come and join us for the IFG Education Challenge and be the change the world has been waiting for.

Design the ideal education system

  • What do students need from an education system?
  • Why do students need this knowledge/skill/ability?
  • What does the world need today from an education system?
  • What does the future need from an education system today?
  • What would a quality education system look like?
    • Quality in breadth (most number of students impacted)
    • Quality in depth (depth of knowledge obtained)
    • Quality in access (widest range of students reached)


Students Age


Working Language


Saturday Sessions


April 23

Global Overview

Students report on their own school and education system.

April 30

Discussion and Planning

Students discuss the issues and start to develop an ideal system.

May 7

Creating a Proposal

Students create a proposal explaining their ideal education system

May 14

Proposal Presentations

Student present proposal to the entire session & answer questions

May 21

Awards and Honor Celebration

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