How to Join IF.G Online Event?

Download ZOOM software (Zoom Client for Meetings), install it in your computer.

To join a Zoom Meeting
  1. Open ZOOM, click “Join a Meeting”

  1. Type in ZOOM meeting ID, and your full name. And later you will be asked to input meeting password.

  1. You will be asked to input your mobile number for a 6-digit code, if you are not logged in as a ZOOM user.

  1. Select “Join with Computer Audio” to join the meeting.

You will receive the ZOOM meeting ID and password of your online judging circle before the event. Make sure:

  • You change your name to your full name. Please do not use any nick name or abbreviations.
  • You have an appropriate background. People will be able to see what is behind you and it should not be distracting or inappropriate.
  • Pick a well lighting and quiet place without external noise or sounds. Lighting should be facing you and not behind you.
  • You have a stable internet connection. If possible, try to get a stronger WIFI signal and faster WIFI connection.
  • Log in at least 10 minutes early.
  • Use computer with a camera to connect, do not use mobile phone.
  • Use an external microphone if possible. So that to ensure a better voice quality.
  • Ask an adult by your side, in case you need support to use the computer and ZOOM.
Useful Zoom Functions
  • Mute / unmute: moderator may ask you to mute/unmute yourself when other students are presenting, or unmute yourself when you are going to pitch.
  • Start video / stop video: moderator may ask you to start/stop your video when judging circle begins.
  • See participants: you will see all participants in the judging circle, including moderators, judges, other student participants, and visitors.
  • Chat: you can leave your questions or messages in chat window when others are pitching. You can also use chat function to inform moderators if you have any questions.
  • Share Screen: you will use this function to share your presentation when your pitch begins.
  • Leave the meeting: when the judging circle is over, use this button to leave the event.
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