Presentation Slide Set Guidelines

  • The presentation slide set should contain significant aspects from identifying a problem on a rainy day to generating a solution from all possible solutions.
  • The slide set should be no more than 6 pages.
  • The language used in the slides must be ENGLISH.
  • Your presentation slide set MUST have:
    • Student(s) Name(s)
    • Student(s) Grade(s)
    • City, Country
    • The problem you are trying to solve on a rainy day
    • The name of your solution
Helpful Hints

You might also want to add some of the following:

  • How did you come up with the problem?
  • What people, situations, or conditions does this problem affect?
  • What is the result you are trying to achieve?
  • What are some other possible solutions you have considered? How did you decide your final solution? How did you come up with the solution?
  • How is your solution different from and better than other existing solutions? What research did you do to see if this solution had been done before? Who did you talk to? Where did you look? What websites or other resources did you search?
  • What is the function of your solution?
  • What techniques might be in your solution?
  • Text which supports and explains any pictures, drawings, charts, etc.
  • Any other information about the solution that will help explain it, what it does, or why it is good.
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