Presentation Slide Set Guidelines

  • The presentation slides should contain the key steps of your inventing process
  • The presentation slides should be no more than 6 pages.
  • The language used in the slides must be ENGLISH.
  • Your presentation slide set MUST have:
    • Student(s) Name(s)
    • Student(s) Grade(s)
    • City, Country
    • The name of your invention
Helpful Hints

You might also want to add some of the following:

  • Images showing your building or testing.
  • How was the invention made?
  • How will the invention be used?
  • Text which supports and explains any pictures, drawing, charts, etc.
  • What scientific principles were used in your invention?
  • What engineering disciplines were used in your invention?
  • Testimonials from users, research results.
  • Any other information about the invention that will help explain it, what it does, or why it is good.
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