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Online Event – Saturday 1 August, 2020

What is your favorite invention in human history (including your own invention)? Why is this invention so important? Pitch with worldwide student inventors on your favorite invention, highlighting the specific considerations such as the inventing process and impact of this invention.

To participate in this event, student should have registered at local IFG representative or partner programs.

Let’s Get Started!

To join the event please upload your project information before

Saturday 25 July, 2020

Project Submission Ended!

Something You Need to Know


Expect eligibility listed in General Rules, before the event, you must have

  • Completed a research on their favorite invention.
  • Prepared a 3-minute pitch with a presentation slide set about your favorite invention. The slides should be NO MORE THAN 6 pages. The language used should be ENGLISH.
Information to be uploaded before the event

To participate Idea Challenge event, you should submit following information on before 25 Jul 2020:

  • Your Unique Identify Code (UIC).
  • Participant’s information, includes time zone, name, gender, grade, country, city, parent name, and Email.
  • Project information, includes the name of your favorite invention, the problem it solves, the reason you favor it most, and the presentation slides ppt(x) or pdf file.

And Judges

Please finish judge registration before Tuesday 28 July, 2020. We will email you with the Judge Guide before the event.

Before the event, please view projects to be presented in judging circle.

Judge Registration Ended!

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