Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a script to pitch during online Judging Circle?

A: While you may use notecards or a script in your pitch, a full script is definitely NOT recommended. You can use your presentation slides as a guide.

Q: My native language is not English, can I have a translator sit beside me during my pitch?

A: Yes, you can have a translator to help translate questions from the judging circle. But you have to finish your own pitch by yourself in English, and you have to answer all questions by yourself. Translators are not allowed to answer questions or translate your answers. The time cost on translation will also be included in 5 minute Q&A.

Q: What would the judging look like?

A: In Summer Challenge event, 2 moderators, at most 8 projects in same grade range, and at least 3 judges are in the same judging circle. The process of judging circle usually is 1.5 hours long for students, including warm up activity, judging, and student free discussion. Student will give a 3 minute pitch , and use another 5 minutes to answer questions from judges and other students in the same judging circle.

Q: I have successfully uploaded my project information? How can I join the event?

A: After you upload all required project material, you will receive an invitation including the time and the Zoom meeting ID from the IF.G organizer. Please get prepared for the pitch and join 10 minutes earlier to the session so that you have enough time to adjust your settings and get familiar with the others.

Q: Who will control my slide show when I am doming the pitch?

A: The moderator will share your slides when it is your turn to present. You can ask the moderator to go next/previous page during the process.

Q: Do I need to prepare the slides completed by myself? What if I don’t know how to make slides?

A: You are supposed to prepare all the CONTENT in the slides that you will use in the pitch (e.g., texts, photos, drawings, design charts etc.). However, in case you do not know how to create a slide set, you can ask for help from your teacher or parents. The skills needed for PowerPoint or other kind of slides making is not a must in the judging criteria.

Q: I don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint, can I use google slide?

A: Yes, you can use any software or online platform to complete your slides. After you finished your slides, you need to export your slides to pptx or pdf file which will be uploaded to event information form.

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