General Guidelines

What are the judges looking for?

Please read event rubric carefully! The judges will judge your online pitch and presentation slides based on the rubric and your ability to communicate the key components of your project.

What is the purpose of your presentation slide set?
  • Your presentation slide set will be judged against different IF.G Summer Challenge event rubric, which you can find in different event guideline.
  • Your slides will be presented during the pitch, so that you can use it to help your pitch.
What if I worked as a team?
  • All students in the team must take part in online judging circles.
  • The team will have three minutes to pitch their solution, and five minutes to answer questions, from both peers and judges.
  • Teams can either choose one member to give the pitch, or do the pitch together by sharing different parts.
  • Judges can designate a team member to answer questions during the Q&A.
  • Only one presentation slide set is allowed to be shared during the pitch.
  • Team members are highly recommended to be in the same room and show up in the single ZOOM window (computer) to join online judging circle. All team members’ faces need to be clearly shown in the ZOOM window. If team members can not get together physically, they can join separately at their own place using their own computers.
Language and Translation

If student/team’s native language is not English. A translator can be invited by the student/team to help translate the questions during the Q&A. Student/team can also ask moderators or judges in the judging circle to help with the translation if they are from same country and have same native language.

  • Student/team must do the pitch by themselves in English.
  • During the pitch, if the student/team could not understand questions from judges or other students in Q&A, only the question itself is allowed to be translated. Student/team MUST answer all questions in English.
  • Read Event Rubric carefully, and be prepared to answer questions. To help you prepare, you might want to write down some of the important parts of your answers so that you have them when you practice giving your presentation and Q&A.
Helpful hints

When preparing your slides:

  • You can take pictures of your drawing, writing, and place the photos into the slides.
  • If you are new to slide making software, you can ask your teacher or parents to help you, and learn from them.
  • You can create your presentation slide using any software you are used to. When submitting your project information to IFG website, you will be required to upload either a powerpoint (.pptx) or pdf (.pdf) file of your presentation slides.

In your slides, be sure you use:

  • Fonts that are readable (style, size, color)
  • Colors that look good together
  • Shapes that are the right size
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Proper punctuation
  • Professional posture.
  • Enthusiasm, passion, inflection, appropriate body language.

In the pitch, you can show materials you think might be helpful in your pitch.

  • When you show the material to judges, make sure it is in the center of ZOOM window.
  • If you want to show details of the material, you can move it closer to your camera so that it will be shown clearly.

In the pitch, be sure you use:

  • Courteous and professional language to peers in judging circle.
  • Concise, appropriate pace, clearly heard and understood.
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