Helpful Hints

Enjoy the experience

We know that you all want to do an extremely good job with this challenge, but this is also a great opportunity to meet some wonderful students from around the world who are just like you, but different in different ways. Find out who they are and they could become great friends

Mistakes are OK

We do not want you to make mistakes, but if you do, that is OK as long as you learn from that mistake and are better prepared in the future.

Plan ahead

There are a lot of tasks necessary to complete this project and everyone in the team must do their work and do it on time. Do not think that you can finish things at the last minute. It won’t work and you will be letting your teammates down.

Be kind

Everyone on your team will have different strengths and weaknesses, including you. If one of your teammates is having trouble with something, try to help them, just like you would like them to help you when you are struggling.

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