To participate in the IF.G Water Challenge, registered student should submit the following information before 18 Jan 2021:


Student Unique Identify Code, which student will get from IFGO after registration

Student’s information

Including: name, gender, age, country, parent name, Email, and postal code

Project information

Including: problem identified with Drinking Water in student’s country, description or story of the issue, the effect(s) of this problem, and a 3-slide presentation ppt(x) or pdf file.

Students will need to research a problem relating to Drinking Water in their country.

Students will need to create a 3 slide PowerPoint file saved as PDF and upload it IF.G Water Challenge site, including,

  • What is the Drinking Water situation in your country?
  • What is the specific Drinking Water problem you are focusing on?
  • Who does this problem affect and how does it affect them?

3-minute presentation

Students will need to prepare and practice a 3-minute presentation about what they have discovered, which will be given to the other student members of their group.

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