What Are The Judges Looking For?

The mission of your team is to identify a drinking water issue that affects people, creating a solution for the issue and then presenting the issue and solution with a short pitch presentation. The Judges will be evaluating your presentation based on how well your team has accomplished that mission.

  • Have you explained why this is a problem and who and how many people are affect by it?
  • Have you researched and can explain what is currently being done about the problem?
  • Have you designed or created a device or program to solve the problem?
  • Have you explained how your solution will work and how effective it might be?
  • Have you explained how your solution will impact the environment both positively and negatively?
  • Have you made estimates as to how much money and time it will take to implement your solution?
  • Have you proposed the next steps that might be taken to expand or use your solution in other areas or problems?

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