Each student will give a 3-minute presentation with their PowerPoint slides saved as PDF to explain the Drinking Water problem they have identified. The students will then share with each other how that problem effects their country and they will learn how that same problem impacts other people around the world in different ways and degrees. Students will discuss and choose two specific problems that relate to the Drinking Water theme and then divide themselves up into two teams to do further investigation about each of those specific problems.

Educational Goal

To learn how to identify problems, do research on them, understand the underlying issues and present that information to others, while learning how the same problem is viewed by people in different countries.

Presentation Guidelines
  • Each student will join a virtual group that they have been assigned to and give a 3-min presentation, followed by 2-min Q&A. Usually 10 students from different countries will assigned to each virtual group.
  • In each group, students will divide themselves into 2 teams of 4 to 6 students each to work on the specific problem they chose that relates to the Drinking Water theme.
  • The team will finish the problem identification and explanation presentation slides, which will be used in Session 3’s team pitch.
By the End of Session 1

Students in the group will have divided themselves into two teams and each team will be working on a different Drinking Water issue.

Each team will have made a rough draft of these slides which will be part of their final presentation in Session 3

Slide 1

The team name and information about all of the team members. (Name, age, country, etc.)

Slide 2

The Drinking Water issue the team will be working on. (What is it?)

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