Saturday 20 March 2021


In this session, students will get chance to present their solution for the water challenge using the presentation slides that they have already made during Sessions 1 and 2. In Session 3, students will present their Drinking Water problem, whole inventing process of their solution and the impact of that solution to their entire Age Group.  Each team will give a 5-minute presentation, followed by a 3-minute Q&A, to answer questions from judges and other students in the same judging group. The judges will select award winners after all the Final Presentation Pitches are finished.

Educational Goal

To learn how to present problems and share ideas about how to address them, so that other people will understand and appreciate what you have researched and developed, and how it will address the problem.

Presentation Guidelines
  • The presentation slides set should contain all information that already found during Sessions 1 and 2, as well as the information about the solution saved as PDF and uploaded on Padlet
  • The presentation should be no more than 6 pages.
  • The language used in the slides must be ENGLISH.
  • The presentation MUST contain the following:

Slide 1

Team information (Name, students, ages, countries, etc)

Slide 2

The Drinking Water issue the team will be working on. (What is it? Where is it? Who does this affect? How many people does this affect?)

Slide 3

Existing and current ideas about addressing the issue.

Slide 4

Diagram or drawing and words explaining the team’s solution.

Slide 5

How would the solution be created or implemented?

Slide 6

Impact of the solution (What would the solution do to the issue and what are the other consequences (environmental, economic, cultural) of this solution?)

Helpful Hints

You might also want to add some of the following:

  • How did your team come up with the problem?
  • What people, situation, or condition does this problem affect?
  • What is the result your team are trying to achieve?
  • What are some other possible situations you have considered?
  • How did you decide your team’s final solution? How did your team come up with the solution?
  • Use text which supports and explains your solution as well as any pictures, drawings, charts, etc.
By the end of the session

Judging Winners

An international group of distinguished Judges will confer awards and prizes to the teams with the most valuable and effective Drinking Water solutions.

United Nations Presentation

These PowerPoint presentations explaining the Drinking Water issues and solutions will be submitted to the United Nations for their consideration.

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