How to work in an international team?

Once you leave school and start your career, whatever that might be, you will most likely be working with other people in a team. Years ago, that team would probably be made of people who lived in your city and you would be working with them, all of you in one room. But now with the invention of the Internet and programs like Zoom, you will be working with people from distant locations and many different countries. This IF.G Water Challenge is probably your first experience in working with an international team, but it will certainly NOT be your last.

Some of things you will learn about are:

Technical issues

Overcoming and dealing with technical communication issues. Zoom is great but there are always screen freezes and audio/video problems that you will learn to deal with


Personal communications issues due to language differences and accent issues

Waiting your turn to talk

You will not be able to talk when someone else is talking and you will have to learn to wait your turn to talk. On the other hand, if you wait too long, then someone else may start to talk and you will not get your chance. You will have to learn how to wait when you need to wait, but also when to talk with you need to talk. You will also learn how to stop talking and give someone else a chance.

Dividing the work

There are a lot of different type of work and skills that will be required to create a successful presentation pitch. You will need to find out which skills each member has and what might be the best way to use those skills and talents.

Supporting each other

Your team will need to assign different tasks to different people. But each member of the team will also then be expected to assist and help each other member to make their portion of the presentation as good as possible. In a team, you can only succeed, when the team succeeds.

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