The IFG Young Ambassador program was launched in March 2021 with the objective of celebrating outstanding young inventors and innovators. The mission of the IFG Young Ambassadors is to encourage and inspire students from around the world to think creatively, to innovate, to collaborate and to learn from each other through IFG Activities

Responsibility of IFG Young Ambassadors

Represent IFG in online events around the world, such as award ceremonies, guest speaking opportunities, podcasts and live hosting events

Be a role model for future IFG participants to follow – to lead, to inspire and to motivate

All our Young Ambassadors participated in an IFG Challenge and were selected for a special award. As part of their prize, they were offered this prestigious title and role and have been doing us proud ever since.

What achievements are IF.G Young Ambassadors most proud of?

If you would like an IFG Young Ambassador to participate in your event, please complete this IFG Young Ambassador Request Form.

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