What is


  • The IF.G mission is to support youth innovation globally. IF.G is NOT a formal organization with offices, dues and regulations, but rather a community of organizations and individuals around the world who are running or supporting youth Innovation Education programs and events in their own countries and sometimes globally. IF.G members share ideas, resources, and skills to help and support each other and there is no cost or contractual obligation in being an IF.G member organization (IF.GO).


IF.G is a place where the IF.GO’s can

  • Get help and advice from other IF.GO’s about what to do and how to do it.
  • Be connected to an international collection of experts, advisors, educators and potential judges to support their programs.
  • Promote their national program internationally or expand their international programs to include more participants/countries.
  • Invite additional participants through their IF.GO relationships.
    • Share your programming with other IF.GO’s
    • Share other IF.GO programming with your network
  • Offer the opportunity for their students to join other international activities.
  • Promote IF.GO member programming, supporting other IF.GO members and the shared mission of the IF.G.


IF.GOs Connected


Countries Involved


Global Collaboration Yearly


  • Ensuring innovation and invention education are accessible for all children and youth worldwide
  • Inspiring them to become creative problem solvers and collaborative global innovators, giving them the skills they need to invent the future, while also helping them to understand the world today
  • Enabling international collaboration across diverse worldwide innovation and invention educators


An IF.G student INNOVATOR in every home

An IF.G innovation COLLABORATION across every border


Empathy, Diversity, Innovation, Curiosity, Creativity, Invention, Celebration, Collaboration


Let’s Built This Supportive Community Together

Please join us in supporting worldwide innovation education programs. And let us know if you are seeking support for your own program.