The Mission of InventFuture.Global (IFG)

The mission of InventFuture.Global is simple to explain, but essential to accomplish.

The InventFuture.Global mission is to support and enable students to develop and improve their problem-solving skills so that they will be able to handle and overcome the many problems and issues that they will face in their adult lives and careers.

In the past, the measure of education was “What do you know?” But now all the facts that had been memorized are easily obtained by simply asking a cell phone or computer. Today, and even more so in the future, education is judged by “What can you do with what you know?” Being educated now requires using those facts to create a device or process that solves an issue or problem.

A person who uses things that already exist and assembles them in a new or different way to solve a problem is called an inventor. Thomas Edison did not discover electricity, heat, glass or a vacuum, but he combined them in a unique way and created the light bulb. That is exactly what the students today will be asked to do in their futures – identify problems and create solutions by using the materials and facts that already exist. They will need to be problem-solvers. They will need to be inventors.

With that goal in mind, InventFuture.Global uses the invention process to teach students how to solve problems, and once the students can use the invention/problem-solving process, they can then solve any problem in the future, no matter what technologies or materials are involved. Having this skill will enable students to succeed in school and their careers beyond way into the future and by solving problems, they will make the future, their future, a better place to live.

Thus, mission to enable and empower students to invent the future on a global basis is perfectly described in the name – InventFuture.Global. However, there is another, hidden, but just as important, aspect of the name. In English, the initials of the words Invent Future are the letters “IF”. But when you think about it at a deeper level, you will realize that the word “IF” is the beginning step in creating a solution to any problem. Once you know what the problem is, the next step is to imagine some possible solutions, and all of those ideas begin with the concept of “IF.”

To solve a problem, you will take the materials and processes you already have and ask these types of questions:

What if we made it bigger?

What if we changed the shape?

What if we made it out of glass?

What if we drilled more holes in it?

What if we built it in a different way?

What if we combined these two parts?

In every case, the thought process in developing a solution revolves around the word “IF” and imagines other, newer, different ways of doing things.

Thus, the hidden, but just as important, mission of InventFuture.Global is to spread the concept of “IF” around the Globe.

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