Summer Challenge Guides

Invent Future.Global Summer Challenge is a global challenge that connects worldwide student innovators and educators. Students across the world will pitch and communicate online with their peers and judges from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile and other countries. The IF.G Summer Challenge not only enables students to develop and nurture their problem-solving skills, it also provides them with an international platform to communicate, collaborate and learn from students and educators from different countries. 

Summer Challenge consists of three different online activities that students can participate in – Idea Challenge, Inventor Talk and Invention Convention.

Idea Challenge

THEME TOPIC: What troubles you or the world most on a rainy day? What is your solution?

Have a solution to a problem that troubles you most on a rainy day? Pitch your solution with worldwide student innovators.

Inventor Talk

What is your favorite invention?

Students participating in the Inventor Talk event are required to conduct a 3-minute presentation on their favorite invention and how this invention has impacted our lives or inspired them. Ideally, students should be able to identify the problem that the invention has solved, the key steps the inventor undertook to make the invention work, including how the inventor overcome initial failures (if any). The main objective of this challenge is to help students understand process of inventing and the qualities that make an inventor.

Invention Convention

Students need to have an invention or prototype to participate this event. In IFG Online Judging Circle, students will present the whole inventing process of their own.

Each event is a standard 2 hours IF.G Online Activity. To participate in Summer Challenge events, student should have registered at local IFG representative or partner programs.


Saturday 18 JUL 2020Idea Challenge Event

Saturday 1 AUG 2020Inventor Talk Event

Saturday 15 AUG 2020Invention Convention Event

Something You Need to Know

To participate in Summer Challenge events, you need prepare a 3-minute pitch with a presentation slides document. When you finish your registration at local IF.G representative member, make sure you have carefully read both general guides for all Summer Challenge events and event specific guides for the event you will participate in.

All three Summer Challenge events are following below general guides:

Click below VIEW button of the event you will participate in, to get event specific guide.




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